Benefication Study on Esteghlal Clays

           Benefication  Study on  Esteghlal Clays 

Asadollah   Zadehkabir 

National Iranian Steel Corporation (NISCO), No. 685, Valy-e-Asr, Tehran, IRAN


Results   of  the   first   stage   of  the   study  on beneficiation  of  the  pyrophyllitic  clays  from Esteghlal deposit  are  presented  in   this  report.  The study  was performed  by me in  accordance with agreement between the NATIONAL IRANIAN STEEL COMPANY (NISCO) Samples of clay from Esteghlal  deposit  in   number  of  three  have  been delivered by  NISCO in a  bulk form to karaj. Based  on results of basic laboratory tests and analyses, and study of available  previous  reports  the  program  of beneficiation tests on  laboratory scale was  proposed by me  The study resulted in recommendation  of the basic wet treatment process,  in which  the desaggregation  in water  medium and subsequent   gravity   separation   (using   shaking   table equipment)   are  incorporated.   This  process   is  giving substantial decrease of Fe203 content and treated product is comparable  with  ceramic  clays  available  on European raw material market- As additional  steps, which can be included in flowsheet  of beneficiation, the  hydrocyclone separation on one  hand   and  the   high  intensive  electromagnetic separation  (HIMS)  on  the  other  one  have been tested on laboratory  scale.  According  to  requirements  of  the raw material market, the pyrophyllitic  ceramic clay product and illite – kaolinitic  clay   product  can  be   separated   if hydrocyclone   equipment  will   be  added   to  the   basic benificiation line. Both products  differe in the plasticlty value.

     With  respect to  these very  promising results  futher continuation  of  the   beneficiation  study  (Stage II) is recommended. The  beneficiation process recommended  in this report should be aimed to following final goals:

 – optimalisation     of    operational     steps    and recommendation of adequate equipments-

  – feasibility   study  including   general  layout   of beneficiation plant-

Benefication Study on Esteghlal Clays